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    UV Disinfection for Water Purification
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    Dependable, whole-home water disinfection.
    Add sophisticated UV treatment to Culligan filters and softeners that eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold, and other waterborne contaminants like protozoa with our whole-home UV water purification solution. Designed to give you water-quality peace of mind, our UV technology works well above levels of Sterilight® Ultra Violet disinfection systems for water you never have to second-guess.
    • Cleaner Water – UV system removes even protozoan cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia lamblia, for a cleaner, safer result you can count on.
    • Chemical-Free Filtration – UV treatment requires no chlorine or other harsh chemicals that need to be handled.
    • Flexible Design – Works easily with other water treatment systems to help you address all your water purification needs.
    Whatever kind of water problem you have, your local Culligan Man can customize an UltraViolet Water Treatment System for you. Contact us today to find the right solution.

    Ultraviolet Disinfection System:
    • 99.99% reduction of bacteria, viruses, and protozoan cysts (giardia lamblia and cryptosporidium)
    • Disinfects without the use of chemicals
    • Operating costs of only pennies per day
    • Combines with Culligan water treatment systems for a full solution to your water needs

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