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    Better-tasting water, delivered.
    Portable Exchange is Culligan’s answer for easy-to-access, fresh, better-tasting water without a softener or filtration system. The perfect solution for small homes or seasonal properties like rentals, condos, or vacation cabins, Portable Exchange provides all the benefits of Culligan treated water without taking up the space of a traditional water treatment system. With no need for intake, Portable Exchange is also a great fit for areas with salt or brine restrictions.
    • Great Taste – Softened water taste and performance, without the softener. 
    • Independent Solution – Requires no installation, setup, maintenance, electricity, or water lines to enjoy great-tasting Culligan water where and when you want it.
    • Convenient Scheduling – Fresh, treated water arrives the day you need it and stops as soon as you don’t.
    Whatever kind of home or seasonal property you have, your local Culligan Man can customize a Portable Exchange Service program for you. Contact us today to find the right solution.

    Portable Exchange Service:

    • Flexible and convenient water delivery.
    • Water delivery service requires no installation or maintenance.
    • Requires no electricity, and often few to no changes to your existing plumbing.
    • Perfect for communities with brine or saline discharge limitations.

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