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    Water Filtration and pH for Problem Water
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    Address Very Specific Water Treatment Needs with a Custom Solution.

    Do you have unique water issues, or what is often referred to as problem water? If you require something more than softening or filtration, your local Culligan Man can work with you to design a solution, often using a chemical feed system. Chemical feed systems can be used for disinfection, oxidation, coagulation, pH adjustment, and corrosion prevention.

    Your local Culligan Man can design and install the right solution for you.

    Specifically designed in-home water treatment systems to meet your personal needs, the chemical feed system:

    • Addresses a wide range of specific water issues.
    • Is an excellent solution when standard problem water solutions are not enough.
    • Can complement an existing water softener or filtration solution.
    • Requires regular monitoring and maintenance to maintain performance.
    • Great for problem well water.