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      Softer water, skip the wait.

    Enjoy softer, better tasting Culligan water without a softener or filtration system with Culligan’s Portable Exchange Service. A local Culligan Man delivers treated water to you on your schedule, making it the perfect water treatment solution for vacation homes, rental properties, condos, and anywhere with limited space.
    • Standalone Solution – No installation, setup, or electricity required to enjoy great-tasting Culligan water.
    • Your Schedule, Your Way – Fresh, softened water arrives the day you need it, and stops as soon as you don’t.
    • Custom Filtration – Adjusted for the specific attributes of your local water quality.
    Your local Culligan Man can recommend the right water delivery solution for you.

    Portable Exchange Service:
    • Flexible and convenient water delivery.
    • Water delivery service requires no installation or maintenance.
    • Requires no electricity and no changes to existing plumbing.
    • Perfect for communities with brine or saline discharge limitations.
    • Benefits the environment by eliminating saltwater discharge into sewer and septic systems.

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