• Water Softener

    Experience the difference a Culligan Water Softener makes.

    Do you often find yourself scrubbing the white scaly deposits from your showers and sinks? Do you have to "re-wash" dishes and glassware to get rid of unsightly water spots? Do you find yourself going through more soap and detergent than expected? The calcium and magnesium that defines hard water can be a major nuisance on your home. As experts in water treatment for over 75 years, Culligan can transform your water from the shower to the laundry room.

    Our entire line of Culligan Water Softener products set the standard in water treatment technology, delivering solutions for your home that make a dramatic difference.  Water softening systems can help reduce calcium and magnesium creating soft water for your home. Water softeners will also reduce the white scaly deposits and unsightly water spots you often find in your showers and on your dishes.  Using a water softener will also reduce the amount of water and energy used to clean, making your home more efficient and economic.   



    Hard water is tough on homes all across Canada.  Not only does it cause dull fabrics, dull hair and dry skin, it also causes spots on fixtures, scale build up, bathtub rings and a convenient place for soap scum to accumulate.  Hard water deposits in appliances may also require more energy when heating and cleaning, making your energy bill higher than it should be.  Culligan home water softening systems can help minimize the effects of hard water throughout your home. 

    By reducing contaminants associated with hard water such as calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and lead, you can reduce the unsightly negative side effects of hard water. A major benefit to having soft water is that it is easier to clean with, reducing your spending on detergents, soap, electricity and gas. Water softeners will create spotless appliances and fixtures, brighter laundry, softer skin, shinier hair and sparkling dishes.  Not to mention, you may also save on your energy bills.  The advantages of soft water are tremendous.  Find the perfect Culligan water softener for your home now.