• Culligan Bottled Water Delivery & Bottle-Free® Water Coolers

    Top Home & Office Water Coolers & Water Delivery Service

    Water Bottle Delivery and Bottle-Free® Water Systems are convenient ways of providing clean, fresh water in your home or office.  Families and employees alike will appreciate the continuous supply of fresh Culligan water at their fingertips.  Whether you are looking for the convenience of Water Bottle Delivery service or a one-time Bottle-Free System installation, Culligan dealers across Canada can provide better water for you.  Other benefits to this service include:

    • Great tasting Culligan water at your fingertips.
    • Hot and cold water for drinking, making hot beverages, powdered drinks and soups.
    • Potential to save money by eliminating purchase of single serve bottles.
    • Make an economic and environmental impact by saving thousands of single-serve plastic bottles.
    • Create free space in your refrigerator.




    Bad tasting water is not an enjoyable experience at home or in the office, but many face this problem daily in Canada. The culprit is usually hard water that contains contaminants or sediments.  These contaminants and sediments will cause your water to taste bitter, sour or salty. In order to obtain fresh drinking water, you should look into a water filtration system. If you are looking for a quick and convenient way to provide fresh water to your family or office, consider water bottle delivery or a bottle-free water system.  Both are easy and convenient solutions to your problem water issues.

    Your Culligan Man will deliver filtered, fresh water directly to you, or he can install a bottleless water cooler for you. Your family will enjoy the easy access to fresh water and your employees will appreciate the office water cooler. While you are drinking pure water, you will also be helping the environment by saving thousands of single serve plastic bottles.  Provide your family and employees with pure and great tasting water through Culligan Water Bottle Delivery or a Bottle-Free Water System.