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    Culligan is a leader in water treatment systems in Canada and worldwide.  We strive to bring you better water, pure and simple.  That is why we offer a number of products to specifically target your problem water areas and your individual needs.  Culligan also offers complimentary water testing in your home and extensive water testing laboratory services. 

    If you have a concern about your water or just want to enhance its quality, your local Culligan Man is available to help with just that.  He can test your water and provide a solution that is custom fit for you.  Culligan also offers whole house reverse osmosis for certain difficult problem waters.  Reverse osmosis effectively reduces difficult-to-treat contaminants such as sodium, chloride and fluoride.



    Great water can make a difference in your home. When contaminants are in your water, known as hard water, there is a chance you could face stains on plumbing fixtures, a rotten egg smell in your water and a bitter or salty taste to your water. Hard water can also clog your pipes, dry out skin and dull your laundry.  When you have Culligan products in your home, you can turn hard water into soft water giving you more efficient appliances, cleaner fixture surfaces and brighter laundry.  Culligan offers the products necessary to give your home better water.  With a free water test, your local Culligan Man will come to your home, test your water and create a solution best fit for your needs. Culligan also offers Whole House Reverse Osmosis for certain difficult water that is hard to treat using other common filtration methods. 

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