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    Make Life Better with Culligan Water Treatment & Conditioning

    A leader in water treatment systems in Canada and around the world, your local Culligan Man has products and services to improve life in your home from advanced Reverse Osmosis Filtration to certified water testing. We also offer products and services that range from convenient water delivery to in-home water filtration solutions and DIY replacement parts and hardware. Learn more about our full line of products, or ask your local Culligan Man which product or water treatment system is right for your home.

  • Water Quality Concerns


    Culligan has the tools and expertise to analyze problem water and suggest the right product or solution to treat water effectively while enhancing its quality. Your local Culligan Man is knowledgeable about problem water and its causes, whether you’re experiencing damage to your appliances, stains on your fixtures, or drinking water with poor taste or odour.


    Contact your local Culligan Man today for your free water test. It’s the first step to creating the perfect solution for your home in your area.

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