• Drinking Water Filtration Systems for Home

    Enjoy clean, filtered water with a Culligan Drinking Water System

    Your family deserves the convenience of great tasting, fresh, clean drinking water straight from the faucet, as well as great water for making coffee and tea and cooking meals.  A Culligan Drinking Water System can filter out sediments and contaminants to ensure fresh tasting water. With an undersink water filtration system from Culligan, you can enjoy never-ending, clean, filtered drinking water throughout your home.  Home water filtration and purification will create better water that will satisfy your whole family.

    Ask your Canadian Culligan Man to recommend a Culligan Drinking Water System that fits the needs of your household. Your local Culligan Man can help you get the refreshment you desire by using reverse osmosis filtration and innovative interchangeable filters. Fresh water makes life better for everyone.

    *Impurities are not necessarily in your water.




    Contaminants in your water, such as chlorine, lead and copper, can leave a bad taste and appearance to your drinking water.  Even dirt and sediments may contribute to the taste of your tap water.  The presence of these elements can cause your water to taste bitter, sour or salty. This is not the taste you expect or deserve from your home drinking water. Eliminate the presence of contaminants, dirt and sediments, and poor taste, with a Culligan Drinking Water System. 

    A Culligan drinking water system can filter out the presence of contaminants and give you fresh drinking water.  Home water filtration will benefit the whole family by providing a continuous flow of clean drinking water.  You can also choose from Culligan Bottle-Free® water coolers for your office, the Aqua Cleer Advanced Drinking Water System for your home, or other Culligan systems like the AC-30 Good Water Machine® or Culligan Preferred Series Drinking Water System. Home water purification starts with better water from Culligan.