• Replace My System

    Let your Culligan Man Repair or Replace your Water Treatment System

    Replace Your Existing System or Purchase a New One.

    If your water softener isn’t working the way it should, or if you’re ready to upgrade to a more economical and efficient solution, it’s time to call your local Culligan Man for the most advanced line of water treatment equipment available.  

    You may be considering a new water treatment system for a number of reasons:   

    • You have hard water and rust stains.  
    • You moved recently.  
    • There are changes in your water.  
    • You have more people in your household.  
    • Your current system is broken, aging or isn’t performing as expected.  
    • You need a more efficient or economical system.  

    Whatever the reason, you can trust that your local Culligan Man will recommend the right solution for your replacement water treatment system.  

    Plus, your local Culligan Man will handle everything with 100% satisfaction guaranteed:  

    • Remove and dispose of your old unit.  
    • Perform a complimentary water analysis.  
    • Recommend a new water treatment system.  
    • Install your new system.  
    • Set timers and regeneration cycles.  
    • Fill your salt tank.  

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