• Replace My System

    Let your Culligan Man Repair or Replace your Water Treatment System

    Is your water trying to tell you something?

    Like maybe it’s time for an upgrade? There are many reasons water treatment systems and softeners can lose efficiency over time. You may have noticed changes in your water, or secondary symptoms like utility bills increasing, or other factors hinting it’s time to consider upgrading to get the most out of your appliances:

    • Harder water symptoms like rust stains or buildup on faucets and fixtures.
    • Dishes come out of the wash spotted, cloudy, or filmy.
    • Skin and hair looks and feels duller, scratchier, or more prone to static.
    • Laundry feels more stiff or scratchy.

    Reasons to replace your system, or purchase a new one

    There are a handful of life events and situational changes that make particularly opportune times to replace your water treatment system or softener:

    • You moved recently.
    • You’ve added people in your household.
    • Your current system is broken, aging, or isn’t performing as expected.
    • You’re looking for ways to cut down utility bills, or spend less on laundry detergent, shampoos, and soaps.

    Whatever the reason or motivation to replace your water softener, your local Culligan Man can take care of everything from start to finish:

    • Remove and dispose of your old unit.
    • Provide a complimentary water analysis.
    • Recommend a new water treatment system.
    • Install your new system.
    • Set timers and regeneration cycles.
    • Fill your salt tank.

    Whatever kind of water treatment system you have, your local Culligan Man can evaluate it and provide an expert recommendation about whether it’s time for repairs, maintenance, or to retire your existing system altogether. Contact us today to find the right solution for you.

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