• Customer Billing Questions

    Water Softener & Filtration Repair, Maintenance and Billing

    Residential and Small Business Billing

    Your local Culligan Man is here to help, and happy to answer your billing questions. Homeowners and businesses working directly with a local Culligan Dealer can contact your Culligan Man, or call your local dealer to discuss billing questions with a Culligan representative.

    Go Paperless with Online Bill Pay

    Many of our dealers are now pleased to offer online billing. Streamline your bill pay system, while doing your part for the environment, by asking your local Culligan Man about making the switch to electronic billing. Culligan.com does not offer online bill pay for current customers at this time, however, your Culligan Man can help you solve any billing problems you may have.

  • Chlorine in Water - Did you know the EPA allows a level of chlorine up to 4 parts per million/ppm.
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