• Support & Maintenance

    Contact Culligan for Water Softener Support and MaintenanceTrust Your Local Culligan Man for Expert Service and Repair.

    No matter which product you have, your local Culligan Man can service and repair any brand of water softener, water filter system or drinking water system. Ask about our Culligan Service Agreements for the most convenient and reliable service for your water treatment system.

    Your local Culligan Man performs these services:

    • Repairs your water treatment system.
    • Performs regular maintenance.
    • Installs systems or replacement parts.
    • Delivers and refills salt.
    • Checks water quality.
    • Sanitizes your system.

    Your local Culligan Man can recommend the right solution for you.

  • Quality Drinking Water through Filtration or Bottled Water Delivery
  • 70 Percent of an Adult's Body is Made up of Water. Get Quality Drinking Water with a Culligan Water Treatment System