• Culligan National Account Program

    Bottled Water Delivery 120    

    Multiple Locations, One Simple Solution

    If you are considering a drinking water program for multiple offices, or are looking to consolidate multiple vendors into one, look to Culligan.  Let us bid on your water business nationwide. You’ll simplify your office water cooler program with your local Culligan Man and Canada’s number one name in office water service.  

    Culligan water coolers for businesses:

    • Bottled water delivery, or bottle-free solutions.
    • Expert knowledge of local water conditions with national support.
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    Customized, exceptional service for businesses with multiple office locations:

    • Single point of contact for installation, service and billing.
    • Consolidate all billing and paperwork nationwide.

    Support across Canada, USA, and around the world:

    • 600-plus Dealers across North America.
    • Service and support in many locations around the world.
    • Local service for all your locations.

    Contact our National Account Team today to learn more: nationalaccountsales@culligan.com

    If you are looking for commercial or industrial water treatment solutions, please contact Culligan Matrix Solutions®.

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