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World Water Day 2013 in Canada: The International Year of Water Cooperation

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 Culligan in Canada recognizes World Water Day 2013. Show your support by finding out how you can partipate in Canada for freshwater cooperation around the world.

Happy World Water Day 2013!

UN Water, an inter-agency of the United Nations, celebrates World Water Day every year on March 22 and you can too!

World Water Day focuses attention on the importance of freshwater and our part in “advocating for the sustainable management and use of our freshwater resources” (1). This year’s World Water Day theme is dedicated to freshwater cooperation in order to honor the International Year of Water Cooperation. Water cooperation means that everyone, including scientists, law makers, water management specialists, and even members of society do their part to make sure that fresh water serves the needs of everyone involved (1). In some parts of the world, freshwater is shared across political and cultural borders (1). When this happens, it is especially important that all persons work together to ensure everyone gets the freshwater they need.

This helpful infographic from UN-Water helps us understand the importance of freshwater and why cooperation is needed across the globe. The infographic also shares ways you can get involved to support this global mission. You can also find out how you can participate across Canada with UN Water’s map of World Water Day events or visit for additional World Water Day recognition events in your local area.

View the Freshwater for All infographic from UN Water today!



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