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Happy Mother’s Day from Culligan!

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Culligan raises a toast to all mothers in Canada for Mother’s Day this Sunday, May 12! We’ll raise a glass, of water that is, to the strong women who seem do it all. Mothers know best – whether it’s good advice or knowing exactly what to do when you need a cure for anything from a headache to a fever to a stomachache. Where does she get all of that knowledge? We think mom may have an ally in the fight for better health and you guessed it – it’s water!

Just like mom, water may be able to heal many health ailments. By drinking water, you can burn fat, improve the condition of your complexion, cure a stomachache, dry a runny nose, increase your mood and maybe even cure a headache (1). According to new research, around seven glasses of the power beverage may ease the pain of those who regularly suffer from headaches which may improve their quality of life (2).

If you are feeling sleepy, drinking water can also cure that. Fatigue is one of the first signs of being dehydrated (3) and drinking water is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to cure it. Even a small drop in your body’s water levels can impair your thinking, so drink up for a rested mind!

We’re glad mom was around for all of the answers but grateful we can join her in improving our health by drinking more water. We’ll drink (water) to that!


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