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Celebrate May is Drinking Water Month With Culligan!

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We love water at Culligan. In fact, we love water so much that we created May is Drinking Water Month. We dedicating the entire month of May to celebrating our favorite beverage – drinking water. This month-long initiative focuses on the importance of drinking water and coincides with other government and organization initiatives such as BC Water & Waste Association’s Drinking Water Week (May 20-26). Drinking water is important for a healthy lifestyle and plays an important role in tasty food and beverages. That's why we want to celebrate all month!

During May is Drinking Water Month we will be talking about all things drinking water. We’ll give you tips on better drinking water and how it can benefit you, interesting facts you didn't know about drinking water and how to stay hydrated with great tasting water. You will also learn what happens to your water once it leaves its original source – whether it’s from a private well or a municipality.

Check back often for updates to the blog and head over to Facebook or Twitter to tell us why you love drinking water! So grab an ice cold tall one (water that is) and enjoy your Culligan drinking water. We hope by the end of the month, you will love water just as much as we do.

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